Aisprid – Smart farming with AI and high-precision robotics

Helping growers to feed everyone now and in the future

by using high-precision robotics combined with AI


AI-driven autonomous robot for tomato plants deleafing

The future food sovereignty linchpin

With the soaring global population, the pressure on growers increases every year, and so does food demand. How to address the food challenge? How to sustainably feed the global population?

Based on the state-of-the-art technologies evolving in a living plant environment, Aisprid’s deleafing robot provides a sustainable answer to labor shortages and relieves workers of physically demanding deleafing and crop protection operations.

High-precision robotics combined with artificial intelligence to help growers now and in the future. With tomato plants deleafing as the first application.

Towards operational excellence

In response to the labor shortages severely affecting the farming industry, Aisprid designs, manufactures and markets AI-driven autonomous and highly accurate robots for fruit and vegetable growers.

Our commitment towards our customers lies in our in-depth understanding of their core activity, our proficiency in cutting edge technology, delivering a proactive and reactive support service close to the customer, and high standards in operational assistance. We work in close relationship with each customer, providing an end-to-end turnkey service.

We provide customers with training programs in the greenhouse to help them operate Aisprid robots. We remotely supervise the entire fleet in real time and provide long term human support to facilitate operations on a daily basis. With our expertise in design and production, we can operate on site with a dedicated team of expert robotic technicians in compliance with crop protection and health safety protocols. All robots benefit from remote software updates and on-site hardware upgrades.

Our Partners

Aisprid as a deep-tech

Our teams of engineers are robotics, vision and AI experts and have applied all these cutting edge technological solutions to the plants and vegetable living world.

Aisprid has conducted a 3-year research and development and in-field testing program in conjunction with growers.

Aisprid means tangible results. In 2023, we deployed the largest ever fleet of autonomous robots for tomato greenhouses.

Aisprid is currently the world’s most advanced high precision robot for tomato plant deleafing.

French deep-tech serving the Farming industry, People, the Living world and plants.

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