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Helping growers to feed everyone now and in the future

by using high-precision robotics combined with AI.

  • 4 innovation awards
  • 22 employees, strong expertise in robotics and AI
  • 4.6 M€ fund raising in 2021 to support development
  • 10 autonomous robots in operation in 2023 at tomatoes growers greenhouses sites

Our mission

With a soaring global population putting increasing pressure on agricultural production, Aisprid aims to help growers to feed everyone now and in the future, while developing plant growth with high-precision robotics combined with AI.

By entrusting the most delicate fruit and vegetable production tasks to high-precision robotics combined with AI, Aisprid :

  • Provides a sustainable answer to one of the fruit and vegetable value chain’s key issues: labor shortages
  • Helps growers to deal with employee recruitment, training and retention
  • Improves working conditions for people operating within the greenhouse
  • And keeps sustaining local fruit and vegetable production and guaranteeing our food sovereignty

In response to the labor shortages severely affecting the farming industry, Aisprid designs, manufactures and markets autonomous and smart robots designed for the plant sector and greenhouses, capable of analyzing the data to provide bespoke solutions, primarily for tomato plants deleafing tasks. Aisprid’s easy-to-use and time-efficient high-precision agro-equipment can handle the most delicate tasks, and minimizes operational and health-related risks while improving work conditions for those working with plants and fruit alike.

Our team

Thanks to its team, Aisprid in short is :

  • A French cutting-edge project with over 3 years of R&D, partnerships, and field testing with fruit and vegetable growers
  • A pioneering company in high-precision robotics coupled with AI in plant production and the living environment
  • evolving from pure DeepTech to industrial startup
  • The world’s most advanced company for greenhouse tomato plants deleafing application
  • Already happening, with the largest fleet of robots operated, monitored and deployed in tomato greenhouses in France
  • already used by customers at major french tomatoes cooperatives
  • Gold prize winner at Sival Angers 2024, the #1 plant production trade show in France.  
  • An ambitious and committed collective, made up of talented and enterprising engineers and technicians, striving towards the same goal: to be able to sustainably feed everyone, removing the most physically demanding tasks while protecting the plant and fruits.

Being pioneers, exploring, building, improving, starting over, striving for excellence, and acting for the common good of all are our daily driving forces.

To provide a sustainable answer to the major challenge of labor shortages faced by the fruit and vegetable sector despite a fast-growing global population.

To help farming become more self-sufficient, sustainable and resilient.

To secure a more prosperous future.

Our awards and distinction

Our investors

Our partners

 Want to join a company where you can innovate every day ?

Join us and help us build the future where your ideas will come to life and support growers faced with labor shortages and employee retention issues. Help safeguard local fruit and vegetable production and give everyone a sustainable access to food.