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Our story

It’s there for all to see. The world faces an emergency.

With the soaring global population putting increasing pressure on agricultural production. With the fast-changing farming industry, where increasingly stressful and tough working conditions tend to make us forget its primary purpose.

How to address the food challenge? How to sustainably feed the global population?

This is the question that interests the three co-founders, Nicolas, Pierre-Edouard, and Morgan.

Then comes a firm belief. Born of an encounter

They decide to meet local growers in 2020 and understand the challenges they are facing deeply. The right encounter.

Two worlds that have understood each another, learned to know each another, and have been influencing each another for a very long time. With a twist in the tale. The encounter between plants and high technology.

To support people in their everyday tasks. To open a sustainable path towards plant protection and resource preservation. To better influence our world.

The spark. Like a revelation

They then create a first prototype of a strawberry-picking robot.

In April 2020, confident in the future of their project, they establish their company, which they decide to name Aisprid. ‘Isprid’ means ‘spirit’ (esprit) in local language Breton, to which an ‘A’ is added to embrace ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence).

By the end of 2020, they are working on a prototype for tomato harvesting, leveraging their expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence. They participate in several competitions and receive extraordinary support. And it’s far from over.

In 2021, the first funding round of 4.6 million euros arrives to accelerate the deployment of its intelligent agricultural robots. A key step that allows them to look further ahead. Their ambitions are long-term; the Aisprid adventure is only just beginning!

The next chapter is now collectively on its way.

A story for today. Involving you, today.

In 2022 and 2023, two years of acceleration in terms of R&D, industrialization, and collaboration with the fruits and vegetables growers, ready to face the challenges of agriculture.

In 2023, Aisprid deploys its first industrial pre-series of autonomous, accurate, and smart robots in greenhouse environments, operating in a vegetal and living world. 

With tomato plants deleafing as a first application, a critical operation essential for light penetration and fruit quality, providing a sustainable answer to labor shortages and relieving workers of physically demanding tasks. The aim of robotics coupled with AI is not to replace people, but to help them at work. 

This is a first step towards future farming solutions where robotics and AI support people and plant growth.

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