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Discover AISPRID D01

The world’s leading edge, autonomous, smart and accurate greenhouse-grown tomato plant deleafing robot.

The answer to labor shortages and improving working conditions for the plant and fruit growing workforce.

Already in use by tomato growers.

  • Operating hours 20/24 7/7
  • Easy-to-use
  • Compatible with existing greenhouses
  • Autonomous in a plant environment
  • Up-to-date robot
  • Improving crop protection

We designed AISPRID D01, the world’s leading edge greenhouse-grown tomato deleafing high precision robot, by combining cutting edge technology with our in-depth knowledge of greenhouse tomato growers.

They choose Aisprid

  • “Robotizing greenhouse tasks is the future for agriculture and horticulture. The more experience the robot gets, the better it performs. Substantial improvements are already tangible: cutting is neater and the Aisprid robot is making good progress. It will continue to improve in terms of leaf cutting precision and numbers”. Marine Lechvien, tomato grower in Brittany, France
  • “Deleafing takes up 40% of the harvesting and deleafing teams’ working time. If Aisprid’s robots can meet our requirements and standards, we’ll definitely be investing in them. They increase growers’ peace of mind as they can bank on the work being done on time”. Pierre Guyomar, tomato grower in Brittany, France

Supporting greenhouse tomato growers

With a soaring global population, the pressure on growers increases year by year, and so does food demand. AI-driven autonomous robots are considered as major innovations supporting the fruit and vegetables value chain and guaranteeing a sustainable food supply.

The benefits for growers are tangible and immediate. Visibility and sustainability for the operations tasks, improved working conditions and support for greenhouse teams in physically demanding tasks, protection of crops and reduced risk of disease, future development projects.

Peace of mind, food safety and job attractiveness.

This is a first step towards future farming solutions where robotics and AI support plant growth and help people.

Aisprid helps growers to feed everyone now and in the future.

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